Work Breakdown Structure WBS

A Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) Software program like MatchWare MindView gives numerous advantages to project managers. It is dynamic, easy to update, and is fully integrated with programs such as Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Project®. 

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Work Breakdown Structure - WBS

Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) Benefits

There are a number of benefits associated with using the Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) for complex projects. WBS may have a direct impact on the project budgets, identify potential risks and the impact of not meeting deadlines on major deliverables.

Department budgets can calculate costs based on how work is broken down. Estimates for time and costs are allocated to sections of the WBS, quickly creating the project schedule and budget. WBS helps to track potential risks to completing a project with a log that is reviewed on an ongoing basis. Color-coding major deliverables on the WBS may draw management's attention to key areas that may lapse and negatively impact the project.